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Day 7 – A doozie November 11, 2009

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So today was kindof a day from hell.

I got up at 7:30.  Strike one.  I wasted time until the first thing I had to do at 9:30, and once I arrived I realized that I was entirely unprepared.  Strike two.

After that I had to do two solid hours of critical reading work, then I had to go do something else for an hour and a half, then I had to go to a party from 4-6:30.  Steeeriiiiike three!

During this time, I had had my usual breakfast of grits, plus a tuna sandwich for lunch.  And a can of regular coke at the party.  (It was either that or Chardonnay.)  And that was it.  The funny thing was, I didn’t get all that hungry.  I know, I could have been in starvation mode, but usually I get super tired and low-blood-sugary when I don’t eat.  I think that by reducing my calories, I’m not as prone to my usual cliffs and trenches of blood sugar.  I’m not sure, of course, but I think so.

And I feel much better now that I’m counting calories.  Not skinnier, yet, but I think that’s coming.  You know that point in a diet when you look at yourself, or get out of a chair, or put on a certain pair of pants, and all of a sudden, you realize… “I feel skinnier.”  Well I haven’t exactly had that moment yet, but it’s coming.  By the way, I weighed myself two days in a row and saw 220.  So I might be losing some poundage after all.  I think I’m going to put a clipboard in the bathroom in front of the scale.  That way I’ll feel like I’m in a doctor’s office (in a good way, if there is one) when I’m jotting down the weight.

And you better believe I had Taco Bell for supper…


1/4 c. grits –130

1 T. butter –100

Total for breakfast –230


2 slices light whole grain –80

1 can tuna –100

1 T. light mayo –50

3 T. relish –60

Total for lunch –290

Coke at the party: 140


1 Nacho cheese chalupa –380

1 Seven layer burrito –420

Total for supper –800

Snack while V. was on: 6 T. popcorn (but at least a T. didn’t pop each time, so I’m going to say more like 4 T.) –160

Calories left today: 252