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Day 3 – Supper and late night snack November 7, 2009

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So I said that I might want to get Taco Bell for supper.  So… I did!  I got a beef nacho cheese chalupa (380) and a 7 layer burrito.  I should disclose that I used to get 2 chalupas, the 7 layer burrito, and the big nachos.  However, eating the smaller portion slower was way more satisfying than I thought it would be.  Eating slowly is very important to weight loss, and I think I’ll post about that later, because it’s important.


Chalupa –380

7 layer burrito –490 (but it’s so good!)

Then, around 9pm, Legends of the Fall was on the boob tube, and I decided that I’d finish off my calories with some popcorn.  Here’s the secret though–I make super healthy popcorn on the cheap, and here’s how:

I take about 2-3 T. of kernels (they come in a plastic jar), spray them with butter flavored crisco spray, add some salt, and toss the whole thing in a brown paper bag.  Then I fold the bag down and set it upright in the microwave.  When it’s done, I spray it again with the buttery crisco and add more salt if needed.  It’s a steal of a calorie deal at about 100 calories.  (Go easy on the Crisco stuff though, because even if it has almost no calories for a 1/3 second spray, it’s bound to have more if you really lay it on there.

Not all the kernels popped, so my snack was only about 90 calories!  Not too shabby.

Calories left today: 147.  I may eat a handful of peanuts, but probably not.