A Calorie Counting Success Story

The Amazing Shrinking Woman

Starting info and Day 1 November 4, 2009

I weigh 222.6 lbs today.  My BMI (body mass index) is 33.84, which puts me well into the “obese” category.  Once I get under 30, I’ll only be “overweight,” and when I finally arrive below 25, I’ll be “normal.”  Ahh to be normal.  (I also realize now that I haven’t told you that I’m 23.)

However, (and this is a big however), I’ve been flirting with calorie counting for a while to see if I could do it, and I’ve already lost 18 pounds.  My true starting weight was 240, which was my “YIPES!” moment that made me think something must be done.  I didn’t think I’d lost any weight really, but my pants do fit much better, so I suppose I just wasn’t being attentive to those details.

I’ve also become super cheap recently, after discovering Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and his Financial Peace University.  His premise is this: debt is bad, so get rid of it; live within your means, and save money like crazy.  Of course there’s more to it than that, but you get the gist.  For that reason I’ve started budgeting my grocery/eating out bills, and I think it’s responsible for my recent weight loss.  I’ll make a whole post later on how I budget and how it’s helping me lose weight, but I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been doing some crazy, hardcore fad diet to lose 18 lbs.

So there you go.  I’m also going to post a picture of me at my real starting weight of a plump 240 lbs.  It’s unsightly, but I have to do it.  You’ll see in the picture that I had let myself go.  (We were at the gun range shooting a fun little .22.)  I was going to try to take a picture every day, but I don’t have anyone to take the picture, and I don’t own a tripod, and I’m to stupid to figure out another way to do it.  I’ll try for a new pic once a week at least.

Fatty me with gun

Fat Girl with a Gun

So far I haven’t eaten anything today, which is bad.  Usually I eat grits for breakfast, which I have been told by many skinny people is important.  I’ll update with the food later.


Food update:

I can have 1,803 calories a day if I want to lose 2 lbs/week, according to Livestrong.com.  I didn’t eat breakfast, as stated earlier, but I did go to the store and get some much-needed groceries.  So far today I’ve eaten:

2 sunkist prunes — 50

turkey sandwich:  (2 slices of white wheat bread — 100, 3 slices of turkey — 90, handful of lettuce — 3, 1 tsp. lite caesar dressing — 15)

fake Crystal Light grape – 0.

total for lunch: 258 calories.

Calories left today: 1,549


Won ton soup (60 for the broth, 450 for the 6 wontons) = 510

Fried noodles — 360

lettuce, 1 c. — 13

lite caesar dressing, 2 T. — 70.

Calories left today: 799.

It doesn’t feel like I should have that many left, but that’s the nice thing about soup.  I’m thinking that I should go to Bi-Lo and get some peppermint ice cream, because I’m pretty sure they’re stocking it right now.  When I own the house of my dreams, I’m going to have a giant freezer full of peppermint ice cream.  Yet I digress.

Day one has gone well.  Right now all I’m thinking of is peppermint ice cream, really, and I have work to do, so I’m going to call it a night on the blogging, unless I eat something else.


Late night snack update:

I ate three pieces of turkey, some brown mustard, one almond, two bowls of salad and 3 tablespoons of lite creamy caesar dressing.  yes.  It was stress eating.  But I’m still under my calorie limit!