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Day 6 – Breakfast and Lunch (and the dirty dish ghost) November 9, 2009

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I have been so busy today! Sorry I haven’t updated yet, but I had stupid stuff to do that precluded walking. The main stupid thing was work. The minor stupid thing was washing the dishes.

I’m one of those people who makes “never again” claims. As in “never again will I let the dishes pile up in the sink,” or, “never again will I have a few two many brewskis and wake up to find that a ghost has polished off the whole case, thrown up in my fireplace, hit me over the head, and vanished.”

As you might have guessed, the most recent one was about letting the dishes pile up. It’s gross, and I hate it, but sometimes the “case-race ghost” teams up with the “dirty dish ghost” and I end up with a sink filled to the brim with nasty day old dishes.

So I washed them, and it took at least an hour. I decided that the dishes were a smidge more important than a blog update, which was a decision I regretted immediately when I saw just how many dishes there really were.

1/4 c. grits –130
1 T. butter –100
fake grape kool aid (so good!) –zilch

Total for breakfast: 230.

4 slices of turkey: 120
2 slices white wheat bread –100
1 T. Ken’s lite italian dressing
fake grape kool aid –nada

Total for lunch: 255

The slug of peanut butter I’m about to eat (2 T.) –190

Calories remaining today: 1,107.