A Calorie Counting Success Story

The Amazing Shrinking Woman

Day 5 – supper – a chinese feast November 8, 2009

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Ok, maybe not a feast.  But it was lots of soup, and it was amazing.  I was feeling lazy and had (have) lots of work to do, so I decided to take it easy and let someone else make my supper.  Plus there’s a Cops marathon on.  What do you want from me?

-Afternoon Snack-

Slug (2 T.  But the scientific term is “slug”) of peanut butter –190


Big won ton soup –320

Big egg drop soup –240

Those fried crispy noodles –540 (I think that’s a high estimate, but I’ll take it anyway)

Total for supper –1,100

Plus afternoon snack: 1,290 (Shazam!)

Calories remaining: 51

I don’t know why, but I feel like a video of models falling on the runway will brighten my night.  (The song needs a NSFW language warning, I suppose.  This is for my friend Kailyn, who likes fashion and “Shoes.”  Yes they’re two different things.)

Leave a comment if you’re feeling saucy!


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