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Day 5 – Breakfast and Lunch (and the worst lunch ever) November 8, 2009

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This morning I woke up in a panic.  I was late!  It was already 10am and my alarm hadn’t gone off!  Church starts in 30 minutes!  I frantically tried to find something to wear, but then realized that I hadn’t changed my bedroom clock for daylight savings time.  Joke’s on me!  Duuuuh.  But the church I was going to was a long way away, and I had to stop by the store before I got there, so I left the house without breakfast.  The dog didn’t get breakfast either.

Once I got back, I made myself a tuna sandwich.  Boring?  A little.  But I dressed it up with some dry Taco Bell seasoning.  It was pretty tasty.  Since I told you yesterday about the best lunch I ever had, today I’ll tell you about the worst.

I was on low carb, and used the George Foreman grill to heat up 3 sausages, two regular, one cheddarwurst.  Now, if you’ve never had cheddarwurst, you might think that it sounds good.  I’m sure some people love it.  It is sausage with cheddar incorporated.  The cheddar melts as the sausage cooks, so when you bite into it, it oozes cheddar.  At least it’s supposed to.  Mine usually just dripped out and looked more like movie theatre popcorn butter than cheese.  Well this particular day, I had made those three sausages, and I think I put some condiment on them–horseradish maybe–and I tried to eat it.  For the first few bites it was ok, but then it began to taste like the smell of roadkill.  Ever had that?  When something tastes like the smell of something else?  Anyway, I only got through half of one before I gave up.

Now that I’m thinking about it, the real worst lunch I ever had was at a restaurant called El Paso.  It seemed fine, until about 5 minutes after I finished and had to run to the bathroom in the restaurant and puked my guts out.  It was one of those restaurants where you had to go to the front to pay, and I should have said, “I’m not taking anything with me, so I won’t be paying.”  Sorry, I know that’s a gross story, but it was the worst lunch I’ve ever had.  I think you’ll agree.

-Breakfast and Lunch-

1 can tuna –114

1 T. light mayo –50

Taco Bell dry seasoning –5

2 pieces of white wheat bread –100

1 c. home made tomato soup –198

Total for lunch –467

Remaining calories –1,341

Should I have a Chinese soup feast tonight?  Eh?  Eh?

Also, comment if you’re feeling saucy!


One Response to “Day 5 – Breakfast and Lunch (and the worst lunch ever)”

  1. Christine Says:

    Oh no, don’t tell me that sausage story!! I had just recently bought something quite similiar, I had seen the cheddarwursts but am not an extreme cheddar fan. So I spotted these motzerella, garlic, and artichoke wursts… might not sound delicious to everyone, but it sounds like my cup of tea! I probably looked like an idiot as I kept picking up different kinds of sausages and flipping them over to read how many calories were in one. These I believe are 110 cal., and they are pretty big! But I plan to litterally HEAP on some sauwerkraut (Sp?), I heard it’s super good for you and low in calories too! 🙂

    I hope you have time for breakfast tomorrow! Keep up the good work!!

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